Ubisoft Drops StarForce

If you read one of our news in which we said that more and more publishers are refusing to implement StarForce to their games, it seems that Ubisoft is going to do the same thing.

It seems that from now on, StarForce will not be present in any Ubisoft game. But no mention what protection will these games will have.

The problem with StarForce is that is a good idea but was implemented in a wrong way. Even in their forums, things are not so pink. And if you do a Google search you will see many people complaining about it.

More, some time ago, Ubisoft was sued for using StarForce in one of his games. Christopher Spence sued Ubisoft for $5 millions for using Starforce DRM in their games.

We’re glad to see someone actually try to press this in the court system, although we’re disappointed that this lawsuit is against Ubisoft and not Starforce themselves.

I suspect that now that Ubisoft refused to implement StarForce protection in their upcoming games, surely other publishers will stop using it.

And it seems that mostly European games are protected by it.

We will keep you informed about the situation changes.