The Right Time to Buy PS2

In a smart move, Sony announced that they are dropping the price on their console PS2 from $149 to $129.

With the soon coming of Sony’s new console PS3, they decided that is better to keep the pressure and the need on their PS2. So they lowered the price.

With more then 101 millions units sold, Sony sure made a great thing cutting the prices down. I also heard that they wanted to even drop it to $99, the same price with Nintendo DS, but Sony officials denied it. They said that Nintendo’s GameCube is not enjoying much success recently in terms of unit sales and software volume.

Sony’s PlayStation 2 also commands the largest volume of games for consoles in its generation as well as those ahead of it.

In several weeks E3 will take place and many expect to see some surprises from Sony regarding PS3 and several other stuff like their new controller. We will keep you posted as soon as we will have fresh informations.