Socket 939 Will be Outlasted by 754

Considering the position that AMD has on the market and the delivery on new products on the market, AMD decided the roadmap for its processors.

This year, a lot of things will change with AMD processor. First, AMD will launch the new Socket F, which will be a LGA-1207 type. This means it has 1207 pins, and it was designed from the current Opteron sockets. This socket will be used for the dual-core and quad-core Opterons. LGA socket was adopted by Intel for their Prescott socket to reduce the costs and also the defect rate of their processors.

Next, this year is the last year for socket 939 processors. The first that will fall will be the processors based on the Venice core, which will be last produced in Q4 2006, and the last shipment order will be taken last Q2 2006.

For Ahtlon FX 60, recently launched, AMD will take final orders in Q4 of this year. Athlon X2 processors based on socket 939 will stop shipping in Q2 2007 with final orders being taken in Q4 of this year. Processors based on socket 754, such as AMD’s Sempron will be continuing to ship well into 2007 and cease near the end of the year.

The next move is the switch to the new AM2 socket which is an unified socket architecture designed to hold both Athlon and Sempron processors. Athlon 64, Athlon 64 X2, Athlon 64 FX and Sempron will all use the AM2 socket. This will reduce the problems when choosing between 754 or 939 socket. AMD’s newest roadmaps claim the new 940 pin Socket AM2 will launch at Computex Taipei on June 6, 2006.

AMD’s new dual-core Turion 64 processor, codenamed Taylor, was announced first for May 9th of this year but now may be delayed to June. The processor is a low wattage processor designed to be used on socket S1 boards. The processor has twin 256KB L2 caches and supports DDR2-667MHz memory. Taylor will be the first mobile AMD processor to support DDR2-667MHz and be placed against Intel’s Core Duo. AMD will also be releasing a version of Taylor, called Trinidad which has the same specifications but be equipped with twin 512KB L2 caches.