Smallest HSDPA/EDGE Mobile Platforms from Ericsson

Ericsson released Mobile Platforms U350 and U360, the smallest HSDPA platforms for true mass-market deployment.

“The U350 and U360 platforms are the smallest and most powerful 3.6Mbps HSDPA solutions on the market today,” said Jörgen Lantto, vice president and head of Strategic Product Management at Ericsson Mobile Platforms. “With our solution, handset manufactures will be able to integrate HSDPA capabilities in mass-market mobile phones.”

The U350 and U360 focus on size, cost and performance. The U350 is a quad-band EDGE and single-band HSDPA platform. The U360 adds triple-band HSDPA capabilities, that can be programmed in several combinations required to address different markets in Europe, Japan and USA.

Ericsson´s U350 and U360 offer a compact HSDPA solution with a range of high- performance multimedia features, such as QVGA displays with 16M colors, up to 4 Mega-pixel cameras, 3D graphics and high quality music capabilities. In addition the platforms support full IMS clients, firmware over the air download (FOTA) and best in class Java engines.

The U350 and U360 incorporate the Generalized RAKE receiver or G- RAKE technology to provide enhanced data rates over wider cell coverage areas or alternately can enhance cell capacity.

“We expect the first commercial phones using these platforms to be launched later this year,” declared Jörgen Lantto.