More iPod Power from Altec Lansing

If you have an iPod and you are tired of sticking the headphones in your ears, Altec Lansing has the solution for you.

Altec Lansing has come up with another brilliant solution for those on the move who need more sound power that the average headphones can provide. Their inMotion iM9, is a portable audio system made for iPod compatible with Ipod, iPod mini, iPod with color display, iPod nano and iPod with video.

Being easy to carry, it fits just about anywhere and delivers high-volume, high quality sound even in less-than-ideal surroundings. Altec Lansing made sure that their product can fit, sync and charge all dockable iPods and links iPod video and iPod photo players to a TV set. It also comes with a deluxe backpack, for easy transportation.

Here are some of the features from the producer’s website:

  • Huge, crystal-clear sound with large speakers
  • AC or Battery-operated
  • Charges your iPod
  • MaxxBass Technology
  • Retractable Dock
  • Shock-resistant design
  • Video Output for iPod photo and new iPod video
  • Deluxe Backpack include

Having read that, grab your iPod and your portable audio system from Altec Lansing, and let the world know your music!