Microsoft announces SP3 for XP after Vista

This update, a priority for Microsoft’s developers, will be released after Windows Vista will hit the market.

Microsoft received feedback from users complaining that XP is not so safe. Bernard Ourghanlian, technical and security director at Microsoft France, told about Microsoft’s plans to release this update.

There aren’t many informations about the content of SP3, but besides security fixes it has been rumored that a new version of WinFX will be included in the pack.

Windows XP is four years old and got it’s last update in August 2004. The release of a Service Pack or an update for a software, doesn’t mean that the program is not good, it means that the company which produces it discovered a way to extend it’s usability and adapted the software to the new market exigencies. Also if a company doesn’t provide support and updates for its products may loose the competition in front of other companies.