John Romero Founds Slipgate Ironwork

John Romero, the guy behind Doom and Quake has announced that it founded a massively multiplayer online game developer.

Named Slipgate Ironworks, Romero has based its company in California Bay Area near Redwood City.

And since a man like John has a lot of connections, he already managed to secure the funds for its next project (the first).

Of course that the details are few, but it seems that it will be a MMO and it will be released “when it’s done” – the famous id Software quote.

If you are interested, Slipgate Ironworks is currently seeking staff to work on the project. They are looking for a senior 3D artist, a mid-level tools programmer, a concept artist and a senior game designer.

“My executive cabal and I are very excited to build an amazing development team and create something truly unique,” Romero tells prospective employees.

“Our offices are located near Redwood City, California. Apply now and prepare to enter the reality distortion field!”

If you are really interested and you think you can work with John Romero, why not visit their website.