It’s All About Who You Visit

It was last week when the Chinese President Hu Jinato made an official visit to the US.

It was not only a political move. As it looks now, there has also been some business talk. Before reaching the White House, the supreme goal of the visit, the President made a stop to visit Bill Gates.

If you are wondering if whether there is any feedback to this visit the answer is a big “yes” Microsoft has announced a total investment of $900 million into China. Now, how about that?

China seems to say “We sell, you buy!” as the Redmond giant plans to buy $700 million hardware from the Chinese hardware producers over the next five years.

The rest of $200 million is going to be invested in the software companies. China’s National Development and Reform Commission have gained a new partner as Microsoft has agreed to signing a partnership for supporting the soft producers.

On the other hand China has agreed on purchasing a large number of Windows licenses. Helping out with the fight against piracy is also part of the agreement. Actually piracy has become a big issue in the China’s software industry, therefore some action has to be taken.