IBM to Make it Easier to Move to IBM System z Mainframe

IBM announced new services and programs to help more companies migrate from Sun and HP servers to IBM’s System z, particularly on the Linux platform.

The new Server Consolidation and Migration Services offering, which includes patent-pending technology, can reduce the time and effort in moving applications IBM mainframe infrastructure.

IBM’s introduction of The Server Consolidation and Migration Services reflects continued investment by IBM in Linux on System z. Nearly 2,800 of the 5,000 unique applications available on the System z platform are Linux-based. Linux accounted for about half of the roughly 1,000 new or updated applications produced for the IBM mainframe in 2008. More than 40 percent of new System z customers last year installed Linux.

The System z Linux environment has proven popular with businesses as a means to consolidate workloads and deploy new mission-critical mainframe applications that are well suited for Linux. Often, these Linux applications on System z work in concert with the z/OS environment to enable an end-to-end solution within the same mainframe.

IBM also announced a program – z Rewards – that offers financial incentives to help customers take advantage of these migration services. Under the new z Rewards program, companies that purchase or upgrade to a new qualifying z10 Enterprise Class or Business Class mainframe in order to consolidate competitive Sun and HP systems can earn points that can be redeemed for certain IBM migration services.

IBM migration services are delivered by IBM and IBM Business Partner consultants who have participated in helping clients who have already moved up to IBM.

The new offerings complement IBM’s expansion in September 2008 of its Migration Factory program for IBM Power Systems to System z. That program provides clients considering a move to System z with services that aid in their evaluation process. The new Server Consolidation and Migration Services offering provides new technologies and services to make such migrations easier.

IBM states that in the last year, more than 150 customers across a variety of industries worldwide has migrated from competitive systems to IBM mainframes.