Google Says Yes To Brazil’s Request

Last month, Google was asked by Sao Paulo based federal prosecutor’s office to hand over data regarding the largest Brazilian social network, Orkut.

We reported on August 23 about this problem and we hoped that Google will do the same thing as it did with the DoJ in USA but it seems that they gave up on Brazil’s request.

They agreed to hand over a small portion of its data to Brazilian authorities under threat of hefty fines and possibly closure of its local office. Google was facing fines of $23,000 a day plus a further $62 million and possible closure of its Brazilian office. All this made Google realize that Brazil won’t give up so easily and decided to give them some data.

The data relates to information posted on the Orkut social networking site in Brazil, which involves pornography, pedophilia, racism and other criminal activities. The Brazilian federal prosecutor wants data that can help identify the perpetrators of the criminal postings and this is probably why Google decided to say yes. Google’s motto is “Do no evil”.

Google says that the Orkut case is different from the US Department of Justice case because it only involves the transfer of a small specialized segment of its data as opposed to the broad random sampling demanded by the US DOJ. With over 15 millions users that Orkut website has, it is clear that Google has a lot of data and it won’t give up so easily to the data it holds.