Google Loves Webmasters

Google has some new free services for webmasters. After all, they work for each other.

You may be wondering what the relationship between Google and webmasters is. Well, they both work closely together. As webmasters create site that are easy to be indexed by Google, the search engine tries to keep its information as accurate as possible and offer reliable results on search queries.

Webmasters are concerned about their websites being returned to as many search queries as possible and Google is concern about websites being as compatible as possible with its web crawl robots. The more site Google has in it’s databases, the more accurate the search results will be.

Understanding the importance of this relationship, Google tries to interact more with the webmasters community. As a result, Google announces the new Google Webmaster Central. Recent additions to the service include a new Webmaster Central blog, an expanded Webmaster Help Google Group and new and updated FAQs.

Furthermore, Google Sitemaps has been renamed Google webmaster tools. It’s more than a new coat of paint; we’ve added and improved lots of geeky goodies to help give you more info and control.

For those users who already established a Google sitemap, Google announces that the Sitemaps protocol remains unchanged and Sitemaps submission mechanism and reporting is still available from the Sitemaps tab.

Google has also prepared some answers to popular webmasters questions such as how to improve the site’s ranking, how to make Google to index new sites and many others.

Access to the service is as simple as creating a Google webmasters tools account, adding the site URL to the account and verifying that the user owns the site.