Ericsson, TI to Develop 3G Solutions for Handset Manufacturers

Ericsson and Texas Instruments will form a strategic technology engagement to develop custom solutions for new Open OS enabled 3G devices.

Solutions from the technology created by the two companies will combine 3G modems from Ericsson Mobile Platforms with OMAP applications processors from TI. Solutions from the joint engagement will include OMAP, custom basebands and connectivity technologies and will be capable of supporting the major Open OS. The result of this joint effort will enable all device manufacturers to offer Open OS handsets for both the high-end and mid-range market.

Ericsson’s current HSPA-enabled platforms, future HSPA evolution and LTE technologies, combined with the multimedia performance enabled by TI’s OMAP 2, OMAP 3 and future generations of OMAP processors, will continue to push the performance boundaries of mobile devices and mobile entertainment features.

The solutions, which integrate the modem and applications processor, will be presented in one pre-verified and tested platform reference design. This approach will drastically reduce development and verification efforts previously undertaken by device manufacturers, enabling customers to rapidly bring highly advanced yet competitively priced products to market.

By leveraging TI’s OMAP platform with Open OS support for Windows Mobile, Symbian S60, Symbian UIQ and Linux, these solutions will provide OEMs and operators with a flexible architecture for applications and services deployment. This enables handset manufacturers and mobile operators to differentiate their products through rich and customizable user interfaces.

Handsets based on these solutions are expected to be available on the market in the second half of 2008.