007 Gadget – Bluetooth Watch

It’s not quite like James Bond’s watch which he used like a mobile phone, but it’s pretty close to the original.

The innovative and stylish Bluetooth Watch MBW-100 is designed by Sony-Ericsson together with Fossil and it’s the must-have mobile phone accessory for people who enjoy using the latest technology to stay connected to the world around them. It has sleek lines, classic looks, a distinguished presence and represents a first as a mainstream Bluetooth fashion accessory from a mobile phone supplier.

Designed in partnership with watch industry leader Fossil, the MBW-100 allows a whole new way of looking at your mobile phone and you start by leaving your phone in your pocket. A stylish OLED display beneath the watch face displays who is calling when a call is incoming. A simple key press on the watch can reject the call, meaning you can remain in control of your calls in the utmost discretion.

By adding control of your calls and music to your watch, as well as notification of text messages and a clever out-of-range notification when you are separated from your phone, The MBW-100 helps increases efficiency in daily communication by adding control of the calls and music to the watch, as well as notification of text messages and a clever out-of-range notification. It also makes listening to music simpler by allowing the bearer to play, pause and skip to the next track in his or hers phone’s music player.

“Watches are the perfect ‘glanceable’ display. They are simple to use, fashionable, and well accepted,” said Bill Geiser, Vice President of watch technology for Fossil. “The immediate opportunity is for watches to deliver convenient new services that simplify how people stay connected with one another.”

Crafted from high quality stainless steel with a silver facia, the analogue watch will go on sale globally during Q4 of 2006 with a guideline retail price of approximately EUR 300.